What's New?

iKon has been released for iOS & Android!
iKon is the new big thing. It combines lots of quizzes and puzzles into just one. You will see one word along with 12 icons. You have to connect that one word into a story made by 3 icons. But hurry you don’t have all the time in the world. No you have 30 seconds! And the difficulty will rise from the moment you begin! 


√New game style! 

√Fun and easy to play! 

√Unlock new exciting stages 

√ 300+ different icons! 

√4 unique packs filled with many stages, and more is on the way! 

√Connect to Facebook 


See the word -> find the 3 icons that you believe can represent a story of that word. 
After you marked them press the check button. 
If you need help to guess the icons then press the arrow to the right. 
A small box with help options will then appear. You can now get hints or even solve the ones you can’t guess.